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Noise pollution in India

The present generation and the coming generations have to solve three grave problems, namely, population poverty and pollution if they have to survive. Pollution being the most dangerous problem likes cancer in which death is sure but slow. Environment pollution is assuming dangerous proportions all through the globe and India is not free from this […]
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Sustainable Development (Solar PV) vs. Climate Change – The Mauritian reality

The daily Mauritian is not insensible to the causes and effects of climate change.  As a small island, Mauritius is vulnerable to natural calamities like sea level rise which is directly or indirectly associated with the effects of climate change. Many campaigns have and are being organized by the public and private sector to further […]
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Hochwasser und Climate Change

Ich bin durch einige glückliche Ereignisse Praktikantin beim KGMNE geworden. Ich habe ein Stipendium im Rahmen des Leonardo da Vinci Programms erhalten und der deutsche Partner des Projekts hat für mich ein Praktikum, das für mein Studium geeignet ist,  gefunden. Ich habe Umweltwissenschaft in Venedig studiert; eine wunderbare Erfahrung in einer wunderbaren Stadt (nur manchmal […]
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