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ESD LT- Leadership Theories, Styles & Models

Day two of the week in leadership training started off with Ilka Stein talking of how today’s training will be like trying to cross a bridge and about bridging the gaps (she was inspired by her bicycle journey to Stratum Lounge) but it was also stated that the focus of the session would be on […]
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ESD LT- Creating Future Leaders

The topic of this week’s leadership training on Education for Sustainable Development places more emphasis on leadership which is an important aspect for the group to deal with as they are to become leaders in the ESD field. The Facilitators for this week are brand new to the training as the group welcomed Michael Zillich […]
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ESD LT- Networking and Making Music

The final day of week 7 was a shorter day than usual for the participants, many of whom had planned a trip to Prague for the weekend. Despite the shortness of the session, the time was used efficiently and effectively in order for the groups to finish of the weeks lessons.

ESD LT- Learning Places and Learning materials

In continuation with the previous lessons this week the group worked on a couple of tasks previously set for them. This involved the group working on their example of an informal learning place in relation to ESD and searching for learning material online. As well as these tasks the group started preparing for week 9 […]
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Transformation Education

The world is changing, why not the way to educate? We all know that our current way of living has an end point, not very far into the future, we also heard. Especially in the developed world, the lifestyles of most inhabitants are no longer sustainable. Our comfort comes at the expense of others, future […]
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ESD LT- Participants Learn how to Blog

Today the participants dealt with the issue of competencies and conditions for ESD. They then got experience writing blog entries which will be available to read on this Blog and therefore could possibly show up my writing skills.