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#focuscity | We introduce: Kristin Meyer

„While working in the media comic and animation it is possible to realise even utopian and absurd concepts.“ Kristin Meyer | Art Mediator, Comic Artist (freelance worker) Art Mediation, Comic- and Trickfilmworkshops, Inclusion Workshop Animation During my workshops I offer a place where people with different backgrounds can meet and exchange ideas, thoughts and wishes […]
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#focuscity | We introduce: David Donschen

„Instead of scientists we will become acoustic storytellers. We will figure out how we can tell the story of “Climate change” in an audio in a way which touches the listeners.“ David Donschen | Local Reporter in Berlin Workshop Podcast Bringing the topic “sustainability” into journalism is very difficult. I am working as a local […]
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Coline Raguénès | New life in Berlin and intern at KMGNE

Working at KMGNE Coming to Berlin to work at KMGNE is really exciting for me. It’s like taking a leap into the unknown. All is new, the city first, but also the people, the custom, and last but not the least the language. Before coming I had no idea what to expect even if I […]
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Geschützt: PLAYWALL | Plattform für Transmedia Storytelling

Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.