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#SUI14 | We introduce: Kristin Meyer

Kristin Meyer | Art Mediator, Comic Artist (Freelance Worker)

  • Comic Art, Animation
  • Art Mediation
  • Inclusion
  • Workshop Animation
Kristin Meyer

Kristin Meyer

During my workshops I offer a place where people with different backgrounds can meet and exchange their ideas, thoughts and wishes and turn them into something creative. While working with the media comic and animation it is possible to realise even utopian and absurd concepts.

In the project „Comic meets L.E.“ (since 2008, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig ) students, colleagues and I explore the city of Leipzig. We watch obvious and hidden changes, meet people at their working spaces or at home, develop new ideas for Leipzig in 2022 and realise them for now in comics and illustrations. We all agree that there must be more plants and greens in town – populated with more animals and robots.

You may say I ´m a dreamer, created in the workshop last year #SUI13.

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