GoF | Grounding our Future

EU Program Youth in ActionDas Projekt  „Grounding our Future“ mit TeilnehmerInnen aus Vietnam, Indien, Mauritius, Italien und Deutschland befasst sich mit Klimawandel und Zukunftsgestaltung.

“ Grounding our Future“ is an international project about climate change and how to live in the future with participants coming from Vietnam, India, Mauritius, Italy and Germany.

The main objective of the project is to enhance Youth capacity to promote volunteering as a tool to endorse sustainable life styles, and to contrast global warming, enriched by the  exchange with people living in other areas of the world and similarly dealing with global issues and  -specifically- with the Climate Change challenges.

The activities foreseen are the following ones:

  • Short term training in each country on North South Relationships,  Climate Change and Youth active citizenship. The training will create a core group of youngsters which  will function as support and sounding board.
  • Capacity building training, in Berlin, with members of all partners aimed at designing a long term strategy and campaigns about Climate Change. The campaign, will connect perspectives of Northern and Southern countries about the issue of Climate Change, its backbone will be youth  volunteering.
  • Job shadowing for youth workers in each country. Aim of the job shadowing will be the empowerment of youth workers and a joint implementation of the awareness campaign on  Climate Change, with the fruitful help given by the presence of Youth from other areas of the world.
  • Short term „green workcamps“, in each country, where to start implementing the campaign, and to promote volunteering as tool to foster sustainable practices and life styles.
  • Local Conferences in each country to give the highest visibility to the campaign, to disseminate the results of the job shadowing, to multiply target groups of the campaign at local  and national level.
  • Final conference in Rome giving visibility to the results of the projects.
  • Final evaluation of the project and delineation of possible follow up.

The dissemination strategy will be based on a skilled use of media,  specifically with the awareness campaign, and on the reproduction of project results through the wide  networks the partners are in.