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Pulling the rip cord on climate change!

Cultural Attitude – Cultural Technology: Methods for a Sustainable Future   What a remarkable achievement!  Our fast-paced society has now reached the moment in which it is too late for slowing down. Dennis Meadows had already warned us in his controversial book of the 1970s “The Limits to Growth“. Nowadays, 40 years later, he observed that […]
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Now or Never

‚Why change my behaviour? What I do doesn’t make any difference anyway.‘  Unfortunately, many people still think like this. However, in the situation we are in today, we can’t afford to maintain this belief any longer. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: do we really want to bury our heads in the […]
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“We are emitting more greenhouse gas than is absorbed by the oceans and the forests”

Do we really care about the state of nature? We know climate change is anthropogenic (human-made). Actually, the situation is very urgent. We need to act immediately! Jørgen Randers has warned us already in 1972, when The Limits to Growth was published. The question to ask us is: Why is so little being done to […]
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Deadly Fever

by Antonia Tiedt and Tim Aeberli Without serious changes in economies, policy making and societies nearly all scientists predict unanimously a global warming of 4°C compared to preindustrial times. Many people believe that enough is already done to prevent climate change. As a recent World Bank report shows, what we are currently doing (in schemes […]
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#SUI 14 | What is your idea of #ClimateCulture?

Determing the  goals and expectations of the Internationale Sommeruniversität, we started a conversation about the question „What is your idea of #ClimateCulture?“ Based on a wide concept of culture, including „the shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs, and affective understanding“, the discussion was focussed on why and how to combine culture and climate. […]
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Climate Change | 2014

Zum Neuen Jahr ein Blick auf den Klimawandel mit Fakten und Daten nach dem neuesten Stand der Wissenschaft – let’s start 2014 with a data visualization of climate change based on the state of science.