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Stories from the future

Once upon a time in 2050. A radio track created in Mai 2011 by international participants of the program ‚Grounding Our Future ‚

Grounding our future: rising awareness of climate change

We are a group of international young people who are designing a campaign to raise awareness about Climate Change. Thats why we are currently in our first workshop in Karnitz, in the North of Germany. For a week we, coming from Vietnam, India, Mauritius, Italy and Germany, are living together in a sustainable framework at […]
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Introduction to India

India also known as Bharat and Hindustan, the seventh largest country in the world is a land of culture, tradition, diversity and beauty spread over an area of 3.28 billion square kilometres with approximately 1.21 Billion inhabitants (www.censusindia.net) making it the second most populous democracy after China, dwelling in 28 states and 7 union territories […]
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Ecuador, Yasuní-ITT: camino medio entre la utopía y una flor en el asfalto

Pablo Hermida S. Sin lugar a dudas nuestra sociedad es adicta al petróleo. Basta con regresar a ver que todo servicio, empaques de alimentos, producto de supermercado, actividad de ocio, ropa, transporte, etc., estuvo involucrado directa o indirectamente con el petróleo. El problema no es que se lo use, el problema está en que detrás […]
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