Practical help for Practical projects.

Friday sees the last day (for a while) with Birgit & Fabian, and the summing up of ‚The Cycle of Learning and Change.‘

The morning began with a review of the week by some participants, set out in the format of numbers. For example, the group have:

had 3 hours of German class
enjoyed 14 types of drink and food on their field trip
celebrated 3 birthdays
been visited by 2 experts and
broken 1bed…

Chart showing change

How to implement change – Kurt Lemin

Another, more formal, review followed, looking at what had been learnt yesterday.
‚The Energy Formula‘ returned, this time in relation to workers with whom you may want to implement change – How can you impact on their energy to help you create a positive change environment?
There was also discussion on how to deal with resistance in the workplace.

The ‚Cycle of Learning & Change‘ (CoLC), that has been worked on throughout the week, was concluded, looking at the final step of ‚Reflection and Withdrawal‚ – Why is it important? The answer, the group decided, was because it helped

Consider Experiences
Draw Conclusions
Formulate Lessons learned
Make Decisions

The group discussed this at length, querying how to see, before the last stage, what direction the project was headed in. Mini-cycles within the large one appeared to be the best solution, constantly reflecting and changing if needed. An hour of private work followed, allowing the group to apply what they had learnt to their Innovation Projects, and pick the leaders brains for some professional advice.

After Lunch, the complete cycle was discussed, and the issue of being in sync with the rest of the group arose. Do you have to be at the same stage of the cycle as everyone else for it to be successful?
The group felt that yes, to be truly effective, you must only move as quickly as your slowest member, to leave no one behind.

To close th20121026-153843.jpge day, the ‚carousel‚ or ’station talk‘ made another appearance, this time with questions relating to the application of CoLC, both within work and within the Innovation Projects, the cultural issues surrounding CoLC and any further, unanswered questions relating to Change Management that the group members had at the end of their 3 day intensive course.
Over all, a long week for the participants, but a week of new concepts, ideas and seeing projects in action.

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