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A quick finish to Leadership…for now

groups crowds around laptop

Friday brings with it a shorter day for the participants, and this trend will continue throughout their stay here.

‘Leadership Journey’ began again at 9am, kicked off by an ESD News report, summarising the previous days events. This proved to be even more useful than planned as another colleague from South Africa joined the group today, later than planned due to commitments back home.

Once introductions were over, the students were invited to design and present a short 1 minute speech on an item/photograph that represented an important or difficult time in their life. Members brought photographs, drawings, objects and simple talks about a time when they had learnt something.

groups crowds around laptop

A group of students huddle round to watch leadership videos

Following this, the participants split into groups to watch three videos on leadership, which had been uploaded to the Global Campus. (The Global Campus is an online network that allows members to view bulletins, uploaded documents and just generally communicate with each other.)
A lengthy discussion ensued, discussing the responsibilities involved with leadership – Who is to blame when things go wrong, and what are useful tools when trying to lead through a crisis e.g. perhaps outside opinions could help to see an issue more clearly?

The last exercise brought the group back to their first activity, to the situations and events that they had described as important to them. On a pre-prepared sheet of paper, individual participants thought more about their story, breaking it down into applicable categories such as; who it involved, where it took place, if it was related to work or play, and how it affected them professionally, politically and socially.

ProfilPass, the tool introduced yesterday to the group, was handed out to each participant today in a ready made binder, for them to take away and use during this course, but also for them to use in future endeavors.
At 3pm, the group will head together to their language course, where they will round off their first week at ESD Camp! Their Leadership Journey will continue in November.