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#SUI14 | We introduce: David Donschen

“Sustainability must be palpable.”

David Donschen | Reporter for Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, B. Sc. Environmental Sciences

  • Radio- and Videojournalism
  • Workshop Podcast
David Donschen

David Donschen

Bringing the topic “sustainability” into journalism is very difficult. I am working as a local reporter in Berlin. This means I have to think about which topics are close to the everyday life of the people. A topic like “Climate change” for example is too big and too complex and nothing which most people are thinking about every day.

On the other hand local journalism is perfect for explaining what the results of global warming could be. You can pick up the people “at their front door” to show them what climate change precisely means for their city, region or a country.

And this is what the workshop “podcast” is all about: Instead of scientists we will become acoustic storytellers. We will figure out how we can tell the story of “Climate change” in an audio in a way which touches the listeners.


Audio drama Dripping point: WhATER you talking about?, created in the workshop last year #SUI13.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Music by Handmade – Foggy_Dew”. Produced by Viola Raddatz, Hoang Do Minh, Janosch Borner, Magdalena Machalicka, Evangelia Kalogiannaki and David Donschen. The participants worked with David Donschen at the radiostation “Studio Malchin”.

More samples:

Video: “Adbusting”, SPIEGEL online, 2014, Jan 14
Audio: “Clubsterben in Berlin ?”, Reportage mit Wolf Siebert, Inforadio Nahaufnahme, 2011
Photography: “Zu Besuch bei der Rechtsmedizinerin Saskia Guddat”, rbb 2012

More info:

Twitter: @DDonschen
About: Kressköpfe | David Donschen