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#SUI14 | International Summer University 2014

Karnitz Sunrise

The International Summeruniversity 2014 has begun today.

Throughout the next ten weeks, the participants from Germany, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Ecuador and Chile will meet online on our learning platform IVANE before going to Karnitz in the midst of august.

Karnitz Sunrise

We will work on the issues of  communicating for the future, discussing the facts and data of climate change and evolving our visions and stories for a transformation towards a good and substainable living.

Participative structures are significant to our communications and learning processes, both online and on site. We will share knowledge and experiences, reflect on theories and collaboratively develop practical solutions, and produce creative works by words, images and sound.

“Participation, interactivity, shaping competences; reflection and a positive
option for action are the principles of sustainability communications and shape also the learning and exchange processes.” (J. Borner, KMGNE)