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#SUI 14 | What is your idea of #ClimateCulture?

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Determing the  goals and expectations of the Internationale Sommeruniversität, we started a conversation about the question “What is your idea of #ClimateCulture?”

Based on a wide concept of culture, including “the shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs, and affective understanding”, the discussion was focussed on

  • why and how to combine culture and climate.

Here are only some of all the inspiring anwers:

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#ClimateCulture is a useful concept to analyze climate change referring to  social, political and (inter) cultural issues;

#ClimateCulture opens a transdiscipinary discourse, including everyday experience and building a  socially robust knowledge in face of fragile futures.

The term #ClimateCulture refers to the german “Klimakultur”, coined by Harald Welzer (KWI, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen).
At the Int. Sommeruniversität 2013 #SUI13, we also had a discussion on that concept:

What’s up with Climate Culture? by Yuda Achdiyani Tamin  (Fellow KMGNE)

What’s the Climate Culture and Communication Challenging? by Bounmy Kensonema  (Fellow KMGNE)

And the conversation goes on: you are welcome to share your idea of #ClimateCulture on twitter.