We introduce: Yuda Achdiyani Tamin

Yuda Achdiyani Tamin

Yuda Achdiyani Tamin

Recent years, I’m working in MITI (Masyarakat Ilmuwan dan Teknolog Indonesia), one of NGO in Indonesia who concern in community development as a part of its project. Target of community is rural area, as one of its aim is increasing the welfare of rural community with implementation appropriate technology and involving students also as agent of this project. More than 70 Universities in Indonesia that connected with our Organization through MITI Mahasiswa (part of MITI which connected with student organization entire of Indonesia). We implement this program by forming RCDC. RCDC is a community empowerment program that MITI has done for 2 years. RCDC is a special unit to deal with appropriate technology and innovation application in related with the rural community which consist of community development to develop new business that was accompanied by a student or alumni throughout Indonesia. RCDC conducts the student‘s potential to improve the welfare of rural community through empowerment program based on the appropriate technology and local potential in a business to develop the independence of community.

In running the program, RCDC apply these values ​​in socio technopreneurship. Socio technopreneurship is not the kind of philanthropic activities that it gives grants directly to the rural community without any monitoring and evaluation, and community assistance. Socio technopreneurship is not community development only whose it comes to one place to bring „something“ new to spend existing funds. But socio technopreneurship is an effort by involving the participation of community who have major target of profit that used by community welfare. (http://miti.or.id)

Several projects relate with RCDC that I involve in it. It’s interesting, so I can make a lot of capacity building activity for students in Indonesia then disseminate knowledge about how to implement the appropriate technology to rural community in order to increase rural community‘s welfare. Then I do monitoring and evaluating of program from what they’ve done.

Become one of a fellowship from International Leadership Training that held by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in Innovation field is a big chance for me and it’ll be a great for developing my transfer project later on. In other hand, it’s a great chance also to do internship in KMGNE GmBH in Berlin, whose focus with sustainable development, that it can help me to enrich my knowledge in this field.  Also, joining in International Summer University 2013 will be good for me to know each other between participant and sharing about knowledge in sustainable development.

My educational background comes from public health (Diponegoro University, Indonesia), also it’s help me to know how to contact with community and this case is rural area.

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