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Die Workshopleiter der Sommeruniversität 2017 stellen sich vor: Transmedia Storytelling

Giovanni Fonseca, Facilitator von Lernprozessen Hallo! Ich bin Giovanni Fonseca und helfe Lernenden seit 20 Jahren sinnvoller zu lernen. Ich bin ein neugieriger analytischer Beobachter, deswegen lebe ich in einen permanent Lernprozess. Ich liebe es, etwas Neues zu lernen! Ich habe Elektroingenieur studiert, aber immer im Bereich Bildung gearbeitet, insbesondere Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung (BNE). […]
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Workshopleiter*innen der Sommeruniversität

#SUI16 | Wir stellen vor: David Donschen Freier Journalist, Berlin Bringing the topic “sustainability” into journalism is very difficult. I am working as a local reporter in Berlin. This means I have to think about which topics are close to the everyday life of the people. A topic like “Climate change” for example is too […]
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Research | Visual art & perceptions of climate change

Got a minute?! Watch our short YouTube Clips – take our survey and get eye-opening insights how to communicate climate change creatively. Welcome to our research project CAN VISUAL ART AFFECT VIEWER PERCEPTIONS OF CLIMATE CHANGE? where you can watch 4 videoclips and evaluate it according to YOUR opinion. The ’scientific ‚interest in the Art […]
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How will the citizens of Malchin live in 2055? That was our leading question during the Summer University’s #focuscity attendance at Karnitz. Based on research, interviews and visions in 2015, we changed perspective and started telling MALCHIN STORIES FROM THE FUTURE, living in 2055:

Importance of communication

At the beginning of July a seminar has been held in a Centre providing superior academic programme to foreign students. This seminar has enabled students from the United States to become familiar with the vast topic of global challenges (i.e. climate change and sustainable development) but also the great transformation. By showing some short videos, […]
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#focuscity | We introduce: Kristin Meyer

„While working in the media comic and animation it is possible to realise even utopian and absurd concepts.“ Kristin Meyer | Art Mediator, Comic Artist (freelance worker) Art Mediation, Comic- and Trickfilmworkshops, Inclusion Workshop Animation During my workshops I offer a place where people with different backgrounds can meet and exchange ideas, thoughts and wishes […]
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#focuscity | We introduce: Gala Montero

Gala Montero | Actress, director, dramaturgist, concept and story developer. She worked in theater, performances and films, as well teaching and doing research. From 2013 she is living in Germany, working as curator and producer of Film Festival ”Días de Cine- Lateinamerikanische Filmtage“ and developing her own artistic work. She studied Theater at “La Mancha”, […]
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#focuscity | We introduce: David Donschen

„Instead of scientists we will become acoustic storytellers. We will figure out how we can tell the story of “Climate change” in an audio in a way which touches the listeners.“ David Donschen | Local Reporter in Berlin Workshop Podcast Bringing the topic “sustainability” into journalism is very difficult. I am working as a local […]
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J. Borner / M. Zienert | Splitter

Klimawandel und Kommunikation Der Klimawandel ist in den vergangenen 15 Jahren immer besser durch die comunity der naturwissenschaftlichen Klimaforschung (IPCC) beschrieben worden. In den Massenmedien ist zwar keine systematische noch weniger eine systemische Darstellung des Phänomens erfolgt aber die wesentlichen Beschreibungen sind in der Mitte der Gesellschaft angekommen. Die Herausforderung heute ist es, die „Transformation“ […]
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Coline Raguénès | New life in Berlin and intern at KMGNE

Working at KMGNE Coming to Berlin to work at KMGNE is really exciting for me. It’s like taking a leap into the unknown. All is new, the city first, but also the people, the custom, and last but not the least the language. Before coming I had no idea what to expect even if I […]
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