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Coline Raguénès | New life in Berlin and intern at KMGNE

Working at KMGNE Coming to Berlin to work at KMGNE is really exciting for me. It’s like taking a leap into the unknown. All is new, the city first, but also the people, the custom, and last but not the least the language. Before coming I had no idea what to expect even if I […]
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#SUI14 | The Story: Change the Rules of the Game | Making of

Thinking on climate change, nature and biodiversity, we started at the International Summeruniversity the story of changing the rules of game. We told a transmedia story over multiple media – videos, a podcast, an animation and a series of instant camera photos – all pointing out a special view and supplementary insights on the topics. […]
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#SUI14 | Erben des Fortschritts | Inheritors of Progress

Erben des Fortschritts  | Geschichten zu Klima und Wandel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern The portrait series Inheritors of Progress is a collaboration of Sarah Sandring (Nirgun Films) with participants of the International Summer University Karnitz 2014 at the workshop DocuArts. Using personal interviews and polaroid photography, the project explores life in the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Northern Germany, […]
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#SUI14 | Erben des Fortschritts | Inheritors of Progress | Gallery

Photographer/Fotografen: Tatiana Abarzua, Antonia Becher, Dominika Dudzik, Tim Scholze Art Director/ Künstlerische Leitung: Sarah Sandring All rights reserved Mehr zum Projekt „Erben des Fortschritts“ | More about the project

We are the players, not the cards | #ChangeRules #SUI14

Summer University #SUI14 | Attendance at Karnitz has finished on saturday aug, 30 with a show of the mediaproducts, telling stories about #ChangeRules. Within the next weeks you will find all the photos and the videos storified. As a preview just listen to our podcast: „We are the players, not the cards. The podcast has […]
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Pulling the rip cord on climate change!

Cultural Attitude – Cultural Technology: Methods for a Sustainable Future   What a remarkable achievement!  Our fast-paced society has now reached the moment in which it is too late for slowing down. Dennis Meadows had already warned us in his controversial book of the 1970s “The Limits to Growth“. Nowadays, 40 years later, he observed that […]
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Now or Never

‚Why change my behaviour? What I do doesn’t make any difference anyway.‘  Unfortunately, many people still think like this. However, in the situation we are in today, we can’t afford to maintain this belief any longer. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: do we really want to bury our heads in the […]
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What’s the Catch?

In his article “The Tragedy of the Commons”, ecologist Garrett Hardin argues that a jointly-held resource is destined to be over-exploited rather than preserved in order to serve the self-interest of individuals. Beyond State controlled territorial bounds of sea beds where no nation holds exclusive ownership, the high seas cover almost 50% of the earth’s […]
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“We are emitting more greenhouse gas than is absorbed by the oceans and the forests”

Do we really care about the state of nature? We know climate change is anthropogenic (human-made). Actually, the situation is very urgent. We need to act immediately! Jørgen Randers has warned us already in 1972, when The Limits to Growth was published. The question to ask us is: Why is so little being done to […]
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Reinventing a bulk in sale

Nowadays, it’s a challenge to go into the supermarket and try to buy products that are not genetically modified, products that do not carry a huge social responsibility, and, on top of all of this, products that don’t affect the environment. We can not anymore think only on how the quality of the food is […]
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