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Idiomas en la radio

Este 2016 en Alemania, Ana Ponce León trabajó arduamente como estudiante en la Universidad Internacional de Verano en Karnitz, con la finalidad de conseguir un cambio profundo en la conciencia social, abarcando los problemas de cambio climático y sustentabilidad que están afectando a la salud de nuestro planeta.

Ist unsere Welt noch zu retten?

Unsere Welt ist bedroht, und die Bedrohungen sind zahlreich. Aber es sind nicht nur Bedrohungen durch Kriege oder Asteroiden, sondern auch – vermeintlich – harmlosere Gefahren, um die wir Menschen uns dringend kümmern müssen. Denn das Klima gerät aus der Balance, mit zerstörerischen Folgen. Ambitionierte Beschlüsse zur Rettung der Erde gibt es mit der 2030-Agenda […]
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#fokusland | SDGs & Ländlicher Raum

Anfang des Jahrtausends wurden die Milleniumsentwicklungsziele von der UN und anderen Organisationen beschlossen, um eine Orientierung für die globale Politik zu schaffen. Einige Ziele, wie die Halbierung des globalen Hungers, wurden erreicht – andere nicht. Neue globale Herausforderungen verlangen nun nach neuen Leitlinien und Perspektiven. Darum werden Ende dieses Jahres die Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) die […]
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Pulling the rip cord on climate change!

Cultural Attitude – Cultural Technology: Methods for a Sustainable Future   What a remarkable achievement!  Our fast-paced society has now reached the moment in which it is too late for slowing down. Dennis Meadows had already warned us in his controversial book of the 1970s “The Limits to Growth“. Nowadays, 40 years later, he observed that […]
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Now or Never

‚Why change my behaviour? What I do doesn’t make any difference anyway.‘  Unfortunately, many people still think like this. However, in the situation we are in today, we can’t afford to maintain this belief any longer. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: do we really want to bury our heads in the […]
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Reinventing a bulk in sale

Nowadays, it’s a challenge to go into the supermarket and try to buy products that are not genetically modified, products that do not carry a huge social responsibility, and, on top of all of this, products that don’t affect the environment. We can not anymore think only on how the quality of the food is […]
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Jóvenes y el cambio climático

OPINION Los jóvenes no se encuentran ajenos a la situación del cambio climático, saben al menos de qué se trata, de sus implicancias y tratan de explicarlo. Los conocimientos en la temática son vivenciados, y de acuerdo a esta experiencia  han generado una desconfianza hacia las instituciones, no es casualidad que se culpe a las […]
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Latin American Perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals

A Public Lecture by the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies On the 15th of December 2012 the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam held a public lecture on the Latin American Perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Present speakers were Dr. Isabel Cavelier (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombia), Ana Bozena Sabogal (Ministry […]
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Writing stories & the ‚Day of the Dead‘

This morning continued with the Scenario Work 2052, discussed and tried to rank the issues associated with sustainable development and continued work on the Cultural project & National Workshops.   After initially deciding on an actor for their story, the 4 groups developed these ideas, working on describing the characteristics of their actors, the location […]
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The Leadership Journey begins…

Along with the Leadership and Education for Sustainable Development aspects of learning, participants also get the chance to document and examine their personal development, on what is known as the ‚Leadership Journey.‘ For two days each month, the guides Sonja, Martina & Renate will help the group to evaluate how far they have come, and […]
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